More info about The Waffle Pod

About Us

After something of a personal obsession with crafting the perfect waffle from scratch, The Waffle Pod was born in the imagination of its owner Rob, back in 2016. Jump ahead to the present day and Rob and his Pod have travelled all over the country to deliver fresh, tasty treats at all sorts of events – from birthday parties to weddings, beachside discos to rock concerts!

We hand prepare all of our waffles on the day, with the best ingredients. Our range includes several different types – and sizes – of waffle, a wonderful array of tasty toppings, as well as ice cream (’99 anyone?) and a range of refreshing drinks.

Coming soon to the website is a list of the events we are planning to attend, but in the meantime if you’re interested in booking The Waffle Pod for your event, do get in touch to find out our availability.